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Martinez-101 Maple Drive #4
(706) 504-3017

Statesboro-609 Brannon Street #7

(912) 259-9199
North Augusta, SC - 129 Market Plaza drive
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About Us

Lisa's Therapeutic Massage offers a wide array of massage services, including deep tissue massage, foot reflexology, and Swedish massage. A stress-free environment is waiting for you at both of our convenient locations..

Our management team consists of Shawn Carnegie and Lisa Yang, also known as Lisa and Shawn, both founding partners of L&S Geely LLC and L&S Geely2 LLC. Lisa has several years of sales experience in massage therapy administration, and Shawn Carnegie primarily focuses on achieving the business goals of Lisa's Therapeutic Massage in Martinez. We are a professional team and continue to provide massage services with the belief that everyone deserves a great customized massage.

Find Complete Relaxation Today

Today's hectic world, between work schedules, school schedules, and running errands, can wreak havoc on both your mind and body. This pent up stress is detrimental to our health. Massage therapy is one of the best ways to alleviate any mental or physical strain.

Our services can provide you with medical benefits, as it improves blood circulation and equalizes blood pressure. Massage rejuvenates your body, restoring balance enabling us to better manage all of the challenges life throws in our way. Furthermore, it also promotes mental growth, and brings a sense of relaxation and peace of mind. Massage therapy can be very nurturing and tranquilizing.

Please feel free to ask any questions, and please let us know about your previous injuries or other conditions before taking advantage of any of our massage services. It will help us to determine the areas of tightness or pain. Our massage therapists are all certified and have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the body. We are committed to maintaining the utmost level of professionalism, all while being attentive and aware of your specific bodily needs. We take pride in what we do, customizing our massage services to uniquely fit your personal needs as much as possible.